Henna Härkönen

Kuva henkilöstä Henna Härkönen

My research is focused on social welfare and healthcare services, and the use and evaluation of digital solutions.

In my dissertation I describe the challenges and needs for digital solutions in cerebrovascular disease care and evaluate the impact of digital solutions. This research aims to support the development of comprehensive care for cerebrovascular diseases with the use of digital solutions.

Addition to my dissertation, I have been working in various research projects on digitalization, hospital-at-home services, and decision-support. My strongest skills are related to qualitative research (interviewing and content analysis) and systematic reviews.

Research interests

  • Digital solutions
  • Care of critically ill patients
  • Home healthcare services

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Aapistie 5A
90220 Oulu

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P.O. Box 5000, FI-90014
University of Oulu, Finland