Joni Lämsä

I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the Learning and Educational Technology (LET) research lab at the Faculty of Education and Psychology. My research focuses on K-12 learners' self-regulated learning (SRL) and socially shared regulation of learning (SSRL) in various technology-enhanced contexts. I aim to study how SRL and SSRL can be detected and supported in individual and collaborative learning settings by applying advanced, AI-enhanced learning technologies. I am involved in the Center for Learning and Living with Artificial Intelligence (CELLA). I coordinate the CELLA research activities in collaboration with the postdoctoral researcher at the Radboud University, the Netherlands.

Research interests

  • Computer-supported collaborative learning
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Socially shared regulation of learning
  • Multimodal learning analytics
  • Advanced learning technologies

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Faculty of Education and Psychology
Learning and Educational Technology (LET) research lab
P.O. Box 2000
University of Oulu