julson aymard Tchio

Doctoral researcher
Inorganic side streams and cements

Fibre and Particle Engineering
Faculty of Technology


Julson Aymard Tchio is an inorganic chemist who loves materials chemistry, particularly construction materials. In previous years, during my Masters, I worked as a researcher and laboratory technician on the Flair-MIPROMALO project. However, my vision was to be able to make my contribution to reducing the impact of the greenhouse gases that are destroying our planet, by using low-carbon materials and industrial waste, all with a view to synthesising new cementitious materials. As part of the future project, I will be studying and modifying the surface properties of steel slag in order to improve its reactivity, under the supervision of Assist. Prof Juho Yliniemi at the Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit.

Research interests

  • steel slag cement, cementitious material, geopolymers
  • Alkali-activated concrete
  • Recycled materials
  • Fiber-reinforced concrete

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