Kaisa Lehosmaa

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ecology and Genetics
Faculty of Science

Kaisa Lehosmaa

I am ecologist currently working as a PostDoc researcher at the Ecology and Genetics research Unit. My research interests focus on microbial ecology of freshwater and soil, particularly in those affected by land use and/or high concentrations of contaminants such as nutrients, metals and metalloids. I’m especially interested in the community-level changes of microbes under anthropogenic pressure using modern molecular techniques. Also, plant-microbe interactions of species adapted to contaminated i.e. extreme environments and the role of their symbiotic microbes in accumulating contaminants is an interesting field of research. Bioremediation potential of arctic microbes and plants, as well as their combinations, are studied in several ongoing projects.

Research interests

  • microbial ecology
  • plant-microbe interactions

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P.O. Box 3000
90014 University of Oulu