Kimmo Kärkkäinen

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering
Doctoral Researcher

Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Kimmo Kärkkäinen holds a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu. Working previously as an assistant researcher in the Fatigue research group alongside his Master's studies, he now has over three years of research experience in computational mechanics and fatigue of metallic materials. Prior to his work in the research group, he has worked in the field of structural engineering as an assistant bridge designer.

His research focuses on numerical simulation of crack propagation and crack closure, aiming to improve the understanding of the physics behind fatigue phenomena. The goal of his work lies at establishing new methods and models for more accurate fatigue predictions, improving the safety and efficiency of structural components. His research on finite-element modeling based prediction of fatigue crack non-propagation has been published in a leading international scientific journal. In addition, he has peer-reviewed manuscripts in his area of expertise. He is highly skilled in the areas of Numerical Simulation, Programming, Engineering Mathematics, Computational Mechanics, Structural Engineering and Fatigue Analysis.

Research interests

  • Metal fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Numerical simulation
  • Finite element modeling
  • Computational mechanics
  • Continuum mechanics

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Office: TF240,
Materials and Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Technology,
University of Oulu.

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