Kristina Vitek

M.A. (Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education)
Doctoral Researcher

Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities
Faculty of Education and Psychology

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I am an early childhood and educational science doctoral researcher with interest in posthumanist and new materialist theories and postqualitative methodologies, children’s geography, multispecies and material childhoods, educational philosophy and indigenous pedagogies. In my PhD thesis entitled "Hidden Worlds: A Geography of Childhood Multispecies Secret Places", I am working to decolonize and expand narratives on childhood secret places to acknowledge non-developmental, collaborative, joyful and difficult expressions of this phenomenon.

I am a member of AniMate - a transdisciplinary research group in the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the University of Oulu, hosting education, ecology, anthropology and the arts, and exploring the processes of becoming and being human with other animals. I am also a member of the University of Oulu’s research programme Biodiverse Anthropocenes.

Research interests

  • multispecies childhoods
  • postqualitative inquiry
  • posthumanism
  • new materialism

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