Milad Eskandarinia

Milad Eskandarinia

Milad Eskandarinia is a civil engineer who loves chemistry. Previously, he held the role of site manager for the construction building projects in Tehran. However, over time, he has come to believe that the path to humanity's prosperity lies in the realm of science. His focus shifted towards sustainable construction materials, particularly those created from by-products of industries that have negatively impacted our environment. He tried to optimize a mix design for slag-based alkali-activated concrete and he has shared his findings in three peer-reviewed research papers. Currently, He is working on the Electric-Arc-Furnace slag under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Juho Yliniemi at the Fiber and Particle Engineering Research Unit.

Research interests

  • Electric-Arc-Furnace slag
  • Alkali-activated concrete
  • Recycled materials
  • Fiber-reinforced concrete

Researcher information

This picture was taken at the autumn seminar 2023 at LAPLAND

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