Outi Keränen

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DSc Outi Keränen is a postdoctoral researcher at Oulu Business School. Her research interests relate to interorganizational relationships and networks, specifically between public and private organizations. She wants to understand the interactions and network dynamics in interorganizational relationships and the development of public–private partnerships by means of innovative public procurement practices.

While doing her research, Outi has participated in interdisciplinary projects regarding pioneering in public procurement and in service business. Her latest project (NEWPACK - Development of new competitive and sustainable bio-based plastics), related to plastic food packaging industry and how sustainable innovations restructure and transform existing industry networks.

Besides research, Outi has a teaching experience in principles of marketing, service marketing and management and public procurement.

Research interests

  • Public-private relationships
  • Public procurement
  • Public services
  • Relationships and networks
  • Sustainable innovations
  • Sustainability transitions

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