Päivi Lujala

Human geography

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Päivi Lujala

I am both a human geographer and economist by background and feel at home somewhere between the two disciplines.

My research focuses on two broad topics: i) management of valuable natural resources in the Global South and ii) Adaption to climate (change) related natural hazards.

My recent research on natural resources has focused on citizen engagement, transparency, and accountability in natural resource revenue management. My aim is to find out how and to what extent disclosing information to citizens about natural resource revenue flows and spending can promote more egalitarian and effective natural resource revenue spending in poorer but resource-rich countries. Further, I would like to contribute to research that seeks to increase citizen engagement in natural resource governance.

My current research related to climate and environmental change seeks to find ways how local communities can adapt to change and how integration of environmental migrants can be improved in countries and communities that are likely to host people displaced by such changes.

For more information about my research interests and publications as well as my CV, please visit my homepage.

Research interests

  • Natural resource governance in the Global South
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Environmental peacebuilding

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Room FY312
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