Rossella Greco

My research has been focused mainly on catalysis. I started my career with a Master degree in Inorganic-Organic Chemistry in University of Bari (Italy), where I was focused on the synthesis of mixed oxide catalysts for biomass oxidation. During my PhD in ITQ in Valencia (Spain), I could focus on different organic reactions, i.e., Suzuki coupling reaction, alkylation reaction and different oxidation processes, catalyzed by metal organic frameworks (MOF) or single atoms catalysts. Nowadays, my research is moving towards photocatalysis. Indeed, in Oulu I am improving my skills in the synthesis and activation of semiconductors for applications such as hydrogen evolution reaction and water treatment.

Research interests

  • Organic chemistry
  • Green chemistry
  • Photocatalysis
  • Catalysis

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BF 102
Linnanmaa campus