Functional Materials

Group members of the Functional materials research group

Research group description

FunMaters at NANOMO Unit is dedicated to designs and functionalization of novel nano- and structure materials ranging from inorganic layered crystals, synthetic semiconductors, bionic polymers to advanced metal alloys. Understanding of material properties at the atomic and molecular level is reached through cutting-edge synchrotron radiation-based characterization techniques and first-principles computations.

FunMaters is implementing investigations of advanced metals down to physical levels, as a part of the Academy of Finland profile project of Genome of Steel. It is in charge of 1 Research-to-Business project supported by BusinessFinland to scale up novel nanopatterned surface for various applications. An ERC-Consolidator project CATCH is designed to reach a cross dimensional strategy in 2D semiconductor materials activations. FunMaters is also a partner of the EIT-Rawmaterials project “Metallic materials exploration at Large-Scale Facilities”.

Selected Publications


Talebi, P., Kistanov A. A., Rani, E., Singh, H., Pankratov V., Pankratova V., King, G., Huttula, M., Cao, W., Unveiling the role of carbonate in nickel-based plasmonic core@shell hybrid nanostructure for photocatalytic water splitting. Applied Energy, 322, 119461, (2022)

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Wang, S., Kistanov, A. A., King, G., Ghosh, S., Singh, H., Pallaspuro, S., Rahemtulla, A., Somani, M., Kömi, J. Cao, W., Huttula, M., In-situ quantification and density functional theory elucidation of phase transformation in carbon steel during quenching and partitioning. Acta Materialia, 221, 117361, (2021)

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Kistanov, A. A., Shcherbinin S. A., Ustiuzhanina, S. V., Huttula, M., Cao, W., Nikitenko, V. R., Prezhdo, O. V., First-Principles Prediction of Two-Dimensional B3C2P3 and B2C4P2: Structural Stability, Fundamental Properties, and Renewable Energy Applications. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12, 13, 3436-3442, (2021)

Talebi, P., Singh, H., Rani, E., Huttula, M., Cao, W., Surface plasmon-driven photocatalytic activity of Ni@NiO/NiCO3 core–shell nanostructures. RCS Advances, 11, 2733-2743, (2021)


Kistanov, A. A., Cao, W., Huttula, M., Khadiullin, S. K., Korznikova, E. A., Smirnov, A., Wang, X., Zhuk, S., Impact of various dopant elements on the electronic structure of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films: a DFT study. CrystEngComm, 22, 35, 5786-5791, (2020)

Kistanov, A. A., Korznikova, E. A., Huttula, M., Cao, W., The interaction of two-dimensional α-and β-phosphorus carbide with environmental molecules: A DFT study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 22, 11307-11313, (2020)