Functional Materials

FunMaters at NANOMO Unit is dedicated to designs and functionalization of novel nano- and structure materials ranging from inorganic layered crystals, synthetic semiconductors, bionic polymers to advanced metal alloys. Understanding of material properties at the atomic and molecular level is reached through cutting-edge synchrotron radiation-based characterization techniques and first-principles computations.

FunMaters is implementing investigations of advanced metals down to physical levels, as a part of the Academy of Finland profile project of Genome of Steel. It is in charge of 1 Research-to-Business project supported by BusinessFinland to scale up novel nanopatterned surface for various applications. An ERC-Consolidator project CATCH is designed to reach a cross dimensional strategy in 2D semiconductor materials activations. FunMaters is also a partner of the EIT-Rawmaterials project “Metallic materials exploration at Large-Scale Facilities”.
Group members of the Functional materials research group

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Wei Cao
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Rossella Greco
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Filipp Temerov
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Andrey Kistanov
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Harishchandra Singh
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Javier Fernández-Catalá
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Romain Rocco Pierre Botella
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Joran Celis

Parisa Talebi
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Shubo Wang