Sari Pramila-Savukoski


My research interest is health science students´ competence. Areas of expertise in health sciences have not been precisely identified. High quality health science education is essential to gain skilled professionals in evidence-based social and health care. Because education has shifted almost entirely digital that has brought challenges for the cooperation of both students and educators and for the development of students' skills and competence.

In my dissertation, I will describe health science students´ competence as well as theirs digital learning. The aim of my research is to identify the factors that are related to health sciences expertise as well as digital learning and to build an effective hybrid education model to ensure the professional growth of students in an optimal way.

I am currently working as an project expert.  I am doctoral student member in Research Council  and in doctoral training Committee of Health and Biosciences in University of Oulu. I have a lot of experience in teaching in different education levels.

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