Sari Tuomikoski

PhD, Associate professor
University researcher

Sustainable Chemistry
Faculty of Technology

Sari Tuomikoski

Sari Tuomikoski is working as an university researcher in the Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry. She has docentship in the area of applied chemistry, especially research related to the water treatment. She has worked as a researcher and/or project manager in the projects (ERDF, Interreg, Karelia CBC, Business Finland) with topics of wastewater treatment, utilization of industrial sidestreams and circulation of nutrients as recycled fertilizers.

Research interests

  • water treatment
  • adsorption
  • (electro)chemical precipitation
  • material preparation for adsorbents or catalysts from sidestreams

Researcher information

Contact information


Phone number

0294 481644

Visiting address

TF 401-1

Postal address

P.O Box 4300, FIN-90014 University of Oulu