Saujanya Karki

University Lecturer
Dental Public Health

Research Unit of Population Health
Faculty of Medicine

Saujanya is a university lecturer working in the Oral Health Sciences, Research Unit of Population Health. He is currently working on the topics related to oral epidemiology, oral health inequalities, oral and general health, patient-reported outcome measures, and oral health promotion using digital tools. He is interested in studying the implementation of artificial intelligence-based preventive oral care and triage.

Research interests

  • Oral Health Inequality
  • Oral Epidemiology
  • Patient-reported Outcome Measures
  • Digital Oral Health Promotion
  • Artificial Intelligence

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Postal address

Research Unit of Population Health
Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu
P.O. Box 5281
FI-90220, Aapistie 3, Oulu,