Sinikka Lotvonen

Postdoctoral researcher
Effectiveness of restorative care of older adults

Research Unit of Health Sciences and Technology
Faculty of Medicine

Sinikka Lotvonen

I work as a postdoctoral researcher in GeroNurcing Centre (GNC). GNC is research centre of research and expertise on restorative care of elderly people. GNC research group is researching restorative care, its´ effectiveness, functional ability, and wellbeing of elderly people and competence of those who are involved in their care as well as leadership and management relating to care of older adults. With demographic change, the need for social and health services for the elderly is increasing. Also the need of research related to functional capacity, restorative care and rehabilitation of elderly people is growing.

The purpose of my thesis was to describe and evaluate the physical performance of the elderly people who relocated to senior housing and its their change during the first year in new environment. The research provided information of the physical performance, the social environment and mental well-being of the elderly. Research results will help service providers to improve the procedures that aim to physical performance assessment and support of the residents.

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