Srujana Gouda

Doctoral Researcher
Inroganic, Organic, Physical and Analytical chemistry (Integrated chemistry). Characterization of construction materials.

Fibre and Particle Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Srujana Gouda is a doctoral researcher in Fiber and Particle Engineering Research Unit at the University of Oulu. She has completed her Bachelor's and Master's through a five year integrated course in Chemistry from Nizam College, Osmania University. Her present research concentrates on improving the reactivity of EAF slags to utilize in construction applications.

Research interests

  • Alkali-activated material
  • Supplementary cementitious material
  • Sustainable construction material
  • Utilization of industrial side streams

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+358 505624917

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P.O.Box 8000
FI-90014 University of Oulu
Tel. +358 294 48 0000