Taina Välimaa

Head of Research Unit of Logopedics, Adjunct Professor/Docent and Senior University Lecturer
hearing loss, hearing, communication, speech perception, speech and language therapy, spoken language, language development

Faculty of Humanities

Taina Välimaa

I am the Head of the Research Unit of Logopedics, an Adjunct Professor/Docent in Logopedics, a Senior University Lecturer and a certified SLT who is working at the Faculty of Humanities, Research Unit of Logopedics at University of Oulu, Finland. My research interests are in the field of speech perception, auditory speech processing, and speech, language and communication in children and adults who are hard of hearing and who use either hearing aids or cochlear implants. I am also interested in bilingual language acquisition and due to this interest, I have been working in a COST Action IS0804. In addition, I am actively developing assessment methods for auditory speech perception and speech and language. I have worked as a Visiting Scholar at Purdue University, Indiana, USA in 2013. My scientific collaboration is highly multidisciplinary (logopedics/speech and language therapy, clinical medicine, ear-nose-throat diseases, audiology, phoniatrics, phonetics, psychology, technology).

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