Timo Asikainen

Associate Professor (Tenure Track)
Space climate and space weather

Space Physics and Astronomy
Faculty of Science

Timo Asikainen

My research concentrates on Space Climate, in other words, undestanding the long-term variations of solar activity and its effects in near-Earth space, atmosphere and climate system. This research field is highly multidisciplidary and is at the cross-section of space and climate science. One important focus point is to understand the various ways the the Sun can affect the climate system not only by solar radiation but by the continuous stream of magnetised plasma flowing out from the Sun, the solar wind.

The latest research topic is to develop methods to predict solar activity and its effects in near-Earth space and climate system over long time scales. This type of research involves dealing with huge amounts of data from various sources (satellites, ground-based data, model data and climate re-analyses). This often requires application of statistical big data and machine learning methods.

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