Self-Hack is organised as part of the orientation week's program on Friday 2.9. between 10am-13pm.

The Self-Hack workshop helps new students at the University of Oulu to orientate themselves in their studies in a new way. The aim of the workshop aims to support the transition of new students to university studies by offering tools to reflect their time management skills, study skills, values and future goals.
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What is Self-Hack?

Self-Hack is a workshop organized for new students at the University of Oulu, the aim of which is to support our students in transitioning to university studies, attaching themselves to studies and forming their own university student identity. The workshop will help you to outline your own use of time, your strengths, skills and your current study techniques. Self-Hack will also help you think about your future goals and how to reach them.


In practice

In practice, Self-Hack is implemented using different exercises compiled in a workbook. In addition to the written instructions, the exercises will be accompanied by video materials, which you will find compiled at the end of this page. The videos include a small introduction to the materials as well as comprehensive instructions for the tasks in the workbook. You can do a Self-Hack on your own, with a friend, or with your own small group. Time has been set aside for Self-Hack from orientation week 2.9. from 10am to 13pm, but you can also do the exercises according to your own schedules.