Why should I participate?

Participating in the Self-Hack is part of the Orientation Week program and you can participate in the workshop the way that suits your preferences.

Benefits of participation

The independence required for university studies, the scheduling of one's own studies and the planning of studies can cause gray hair for many new students at first.

With the help of Self-Hack materials, we want to support you as you grow up to be a university student and provide tools in the form of concrete exercises that you can return to later in your studies! The Self-Hack is organised for you, so you have the space and time at the beginning of the academic year to reflect your new university studies.

Self-Hack offers you the opportunity to:

  • reflect on your own time management,
  • think about what you value and how you implement your values ​​in your life right now,
  • look at what previous knowledge you have accumulated, for example from summer jobs, hobbies and other connections,
  • focus on what motivates you to learn and what you expect from your future studies,
  • explore study techniques you like,
  • dream of the future and think of achievable goals for it,
  • create a concrete timeline and plan to ensure that you also achieve the goals you want.

In addition to these, depending on whether you decide to work on the materials independently, with a friend, or in a group, you will also have the opportunity to get to know your new study friends by discussing the contents of the materials. The tasks in the book serve as discussion initiatives, and interesting discussions will certainly arise about, for example, what different reasons people have had to apply to study in the same field. :)

The workbook will remain for your own use and many tasks will also serve you later in your studies. So we recommend that you keep the book and return to its assignments whenever you miss the opportunity to look at your life situation from a short distance.