Languages and communication

Studying languages is a part of your degree and an investment in the future. We offer language courses to the degree students of the University of Oulu in all faculties.

Languages and communications

Language studies are a part of your degree program so please be sure that you complete them in good time.  Start as soon as possible. 

If you have lived in Finland and completed your earlier education in Finnish or Swedish, your language studies include Finnish or Swedish as they are the official languages of Finland.  Your language studies also include foreign languages.  Often English is chosen for the foreign language requirement, but in some programs German is also accepted.  Other optional languages are available as well and many degree programs include these optional studies. 

In the University of Oulu, it is possible to study French, Japanese and Russian and we have courses at all levels from beginner level to intermediate level.  In open or summer university, as a student you can also study Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.  Open and summer university also offer some of the required courses so if you miss out during the academic year, you can possibly complete your required course in the summer if it is offered.

We welcome you to study languages!

Languages and Communication as a part of your degree

Why are languages and communication studies included in your degree?

In your studies and in working life you will need proficient language and communication skills as well as cultural knowledge.  You are on a journey which will lead you towards becoming an academic expert and this requires your ownership of concepts and communication skills both in Finnish as well as other languages.  The future of work includes mobility.  Where will you be in 10 years?   

Each faculty determines in compliance with the law  how much you will study languages and communication in your degree program.  Our webpages show the collection of languages under which you can find the courses required in your degree program.  Each course serves as a link by which you can gain immediate access for registration in Peppi or Tuudo.    

Complete the language studies on time

Start your language studies early enough! You get the most out of language courses and complete them without stress. 

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