Bridging boundaries. Finnish teachers’ and public librarians’ partnership in promoting multiliteracies

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Linnanmaa, auditorium L10

Topic of the dissertation

Bridging boundaries. Finnish teachers’ and public librarians’ partnership in promoting multiliteracies

Doctoral candidate

Master of Education Siinamari Ylivuori

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Learning and Learning Processes Research Unit (LLP)

Subject of study

Educational sciences


Docent Merja Kauppinen, University of Jyväskylä


Professor emerita Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki, University of Oulu

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Teachers’ and librarians’ partnership in promoting multiliteracies

Teachers and librarians have a key role in promoting students’ literacies and reading motivation, and combining their expertise would strengthen this role. However, partnering two different professional groups from different organizations involves challenges.

In this doctoral dissertation, it was observed that teachers and librarians work together, as investigated among teachers and public librarians who participated in a literacy program in Finland called the Joy of Reading (2012–2015). The partnership between these professional groups is integrated into local curricula and collaboration plans, which enhance joint work and strengthen the role of the librarians in teaching multiliteracies. However, the partnership practices are not developed enough that the professionals would have acknowledged the advantages of such practices in completing their tasks. A division of roles in planning and implementing instruction is prevalent in the partnership. The partners have different understandings of the partnership to promote multiliteracies and librarians in particular express uncertainty regarding their role in teaching multiliteracies. Moreover, there is insufficient time to consider and discuss how to do things differently.

The research highlights the demanding task Finnish teachers and librarians are facing, as the request to build a partnership necessitates overcoming a lack of resources, such as time. Above all, these professionals need more time and guidance to find appropriate ways of working together to promote multiliteracies. The research is timely in Finland, as the recently published National Literacy Strategy 2030 emphasizes the promotion of multiliteracies in an effort to make Finland the most literate country in the world by 2030.
Last updated: 27.3.2024