Collagen XVIII in renal development and function

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Leena Palotie Auditorium 101A, Aapistie 5A. Remote access:

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Collagen XVIII in renal development and function

Doctoral candidate

Licentiate of Medicine Mia Rinta-Jaskari

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, ECM and hypoxia

Subject of study

Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine


Docent Satu Kuure, University of Helsinki


Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi, University of Oulu

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Collagen XVIII regulates renal development and function

This thesis study revealed that collagen XVIII, a protein expressed in the basement membrane of the extracellular matrix, is crucial in normal renal development and function. The defects in renal development are related to the abnormal function of the kidney and probability to form kidney failure. Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease are increasing burdens worldwide due to aging and lifestyle associated diseases, such as diabetes or elevated blood pressure. Thus, revealing new factors and mechanisms affecting the development and function of the kidney provides possibilities to develop new diagnostic, preventive and treatment methods for renal diseases.

The aim of the thesis study was to reveal the expression patterns, roles and mechanisms of collagen XVIII and its three different isoforms in renal development by using mouse models as well as organ and cell culture. In addition, the aim was to study the role of the heparan sulphate side chains of the basement membrane proteins collagen XVIII and perlecan in the probability to form acute kidney injury or chronic kidney disease.

The results of this thesis study indicated that the three different isoforms of collagen XVIII have different temporal and spatial expression patterns during the renal development suggesting distinct roles for the isoforms in renal development and function. The lack of collagen XVIII caused several defects in renal development and the results suggested a novel mechanism how collagen XVIII regulates the formation of the kidney. Collagen XVIII together with heparan sulphate side chains of perlecan were shown to contribute to the probability to form acute kidney injury indicating their importance in normal renal function.
Last updated: 1.3.2023