Development of methods in engine design process

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Development of methods in engine design process

Doctoral candidate

Master of Science Tero Frondelius

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Technology, Materials and Mechanical Engineering Research Group

Subject of study

Engineering Mechanics


Associate Professor Herwig Mayer, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Second opponent

Professor Giovanni Meneghetti, University of Padova, Italy


Professor Mauri Haataja, University of Oulu

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Development of methods in engine design process

This thesis promotes simulation-driven design process. It means, in practice, a fact-based methodology, where the project core team makes the design process decisions based on the simulated facts instead of gut feelings. At the same time, this thesis will, hopefully, work as introductory material for new employees, and parts of it work as teaching material in machine design courses.

This thesis builds on knowledge gained from the practical work experience during the past twelve years while working in the Wärtsilä R&D and Engineering organization. All the method development exists because there has been a need for it.

The results presented in this thesis are valuable to Wärtsilä, who has been the early adopter of the simulation-driven design process. In Wärtsilä 's engine development projects the new presented methodology is in use. Wärtsilä-31 product was the first using the new methodology, and the results speak for itself, it is the most efficient 4-stroke engine in the world. Rest of the Finnish industry will benefit from the results as well.

All of these new findings will eventually merge into the machine design teaching in the University of Oulu. Thus, the next generation designers will have the new set of tools when they enter the job market.
Last updated: 1.3.2023