Enhancing data utilisation in the construction project lifecycle through early involvement and integration

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Topic of the dissertation

Enhancing data utilisation in the construction project lifecycle through early involvement and integration

Doctoral candidate

Master of Science Heikki Halttula

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management

Subject of study

Industrial Engineering and Management


Professor Kalle Kähkönen, University of Tampere


Professor Harri Haapasalo, University of Oulu

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Early planning of stakeholders' data needs improves BIM (building information modelling) utilisation in the construction projects' lifecycle

The focus, in this dissertation, is on enhancing data utilisation in BIM-based projects because late and fragmented management of information during the project lifecycle leads to defects and rework.

The practical implications are written mainly from the infrastructure construction project angle. The main impact is that the project product data model is better to design specially for each unique project. The project's product data model needs to match the BIM capability level of the project team, available data, software and hardware, project delivery type, and team motivation.

The main contribution of this dissertation is that it identifies a need to design a unique project product data model in the early phases of the project, according to the information of all stakeholders. One master data enables data sharing with different applications. Design for X (DfX) can be used for early integration. The client is responsible that the project delivery agreements support the well-organised use of data and information flow throughout the project's lifecycle.

The appropriate use of BIM throughout the construction project life cycle can provide several benefits. The use of BIM facilitates more integrated design and construction tasks, resulting in shorter schedules, better quality, and fewer costs.

This compilation dissertation is based on a qualitative approach. It identifies practical barriers to the wider use of information modelling, how information modelling supports early involvement and integration, and the benefits of early integration. Finally, it provides a model for information management in construction projects.
Last updated: 1.3.2023