Improving data utilization in construction: On the path towards industrialization

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Wetteri auditorium (IT115), Linnanmaa, University of Oulu

Topic of the dissertation

Improving data utilization in construction: On the path towards industrialization

Doctoral candidate

Master of Scienece (Economics and Business Administration) Solmaz Mansoori

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management

Subject of study

Industrial Engineering and Management


Associate Professor Gustav Jansson, Luleå University of Technology (LTU)


Professor Harri Haapasalo, University of Oulu

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Improving data utilization in construction: On the path towards industrialization

The construction industry is striving towards industrialization, characterized by standardized building processes and ‎product parts enabled by effective data utilization. However, fragmented operational processes and siloed information ‎present significant challenges in achieving this goal. To address these challenges, the construction sector needs to ‎provide easy access to reliable data through standardized solutions. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has the ‎potential to streamline data utilization in construction, but its implementation often falls short of expectations. This is ‎due to the lack of standardized and consistent product information, which is a crucial link between BIM and fragmented ‎construction processes. This dissertation seeks to bridge this gap and advance the industrialization of construction by ‎investigating how predefined, managed, and integrated products, data, and processes can improve data utilization and ‎support effective BIM implementation.‎

This dissertation utilizes a qualitative research design, with a systematic literature review and case study analysis to ‎examine the topic. It proposes practical solutions for efficient data utilization, emphasizing the importance of ‎predefined products, structured data flow, and predefined processes as essential steps toward industrializing ‎construction. BIM findings reveal a fundamental perception gap that hinders the implementation, and the presented ‎BIM Iceberg analogy highlights the challenging but critical potential of BIM, which requires collaboration and integration ‎throughout the project lifecycle. A consistent Product Structure (PS) offers a potential starting point for addressing BIM ‎challenges, enabling the flow of structured product data to be used in business processes. The proposed roadmap for ‎industrializing construction based on Industrial Operation Modelling (IOM) elements starts with the increased use of ‎predefined products, followed by predefined, structured product and process data, and the efficient definition of ‎processes. Bridging the gap between processes’ needs and data usability is essential for moving toward ‎industrialization. Together, these interplays provide novel insights into the facilitation of efficient data utilization on the ‎journey towards the industrialization of construction, offering valuable contributions to practitioners and academics in ‎the field.‎
Last updated: 23.1.2024