Past, Present, and Future of river flow regime in Nordic region focusing on river ice break-up events

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L3 Lapinsali, University of Oulu

Topic of the dissertation

Past, Present, and Future of river flow regime in Nordic region focusing on river ice break-up events

Doctoral candidate

Master of Science (Technology) Abolfazl Jalali Shahrood

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Technology, Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering

Subject of study

Cold Climate Hydrology


Distinguished Research Professor Hung Tao Shen, Clarkson University


Associate Professor Ali Torabi Haghighi, University of Oulu

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Icy River Changes in the Nordic Region: Looking Back and Ahead

In this thesis, we dive into the world of Arctic rivers, making it easy to understand their behavior. Our goal is to better understand how these rivers behave over time, especially when it comes to river freezing events up north. We took a closer look at how these rivers change from year to year, by analyzing 100 years of data on about 30 different river stations. We explored everything from when the water levels get low to when they get super high, how ice forms and melts, and how the shape of the rivers changes over time. We're interested in how all of this affects the environment. Our research shows new things about Arctic rivers, like how the ice melts when the water flow rises during different years. We developed a way to figure out when the ice on the rivers starts to melt by automatically finding its melting time on the daily water flow diagrams. This helps us understand how climate change is affecting the icy rivers in the Arctic.
We noticed that the temperature and the ice in the rivers are connected to each other and we developed a tool that finds the exact time at which the temperature shifts from its freezing period to melting period and we studied the influence of this shift on the Arctic river ice behavior. Our research shows that these changes in the Arctic rivers can tell us a lot about climate change. Our findings prove that climate change and global warming are really affecting the Arctic rivers. We see trends of water flow changes through 100 years, and this is a sign of climate change.
Last updated: 26.10.2023