Varicose vein disease: Postoperative care and treatment of venous ulcers

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Oulu University Hospital, Lecture hall 1, Kajaanintie 50

Topic of the dissertation

Varicose vein disease: Postoperative care and treatment of venous ulcers

Doctoral candidate

Licentiate of Medicine Toni Pihlaja

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Research Center Oulu

Subject of study



Docent Anders Albäck, University of Helsinki


Docent Matti Pokela, Oulu University Hospital

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Most patients undergoing modern varicose vein treatment can be treated without postoperative compression

The thesis consists of three studies. In two studies, patients were randomized to either receive postoperative compression with compression stockings or no postoperative compression at all after the varicose vein treatment. Based on results most patients can be treated without postoperative compression. The third study analyzed 10-year data of patients diagnosed with a venous ulcer at Oulu University Hospital. Based on the timing of the first varicose vein treatment, patients were analyzed either in the first-visit intervention group or in the scheduled intervention group, of which the latter involved the standard care protocol. Results found venous ulcer healing time significantly shorter in patients treated with first-visit foam sclerotherapy compared to patients in the scheduled intervention group.
Last updated: 23.1.2024