Vertical productisation over product lifecycle: Co-marketing through a joint commercial product portfolio

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Vertical productisation over product lifecycle: Co-marketing through a joint commercial product portfolio

Doctoral candidate

Master of Science Erno Mustonen

Faculty and unit

University of Oulu Graduate School, Faculty of Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management

Subject of study

Industrial Engineering and Management


Adjunct Professor Jari Collin, Aalto University


Professor Harri Haapasalo, University of Oulu

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Vertical productisation over product lifecycle as a precondition for co-marketing

The dissertation clarified the role of vertical productisation over product lifecycle in co-marketing through a joint commercial product portfolio. The dissertation suggests that its role is to create a consistent understanding of companies’ independent product portfolios to manage and keep them up-to-date, which further acts as a precondition for the systematic management of the joint commercial product portfolio and keeping it up-to-date. Co-marketing through a joint commercial product portfolio was introduced as a new form of co-marketing.

Companies are seeking new ways of doing business to survive in today’s competition. In co-marketing, companies combine their marketing resources to gain benefits they would not gain by acting alone. However, the results of the dissertation indicate that the lack of understanding over the companies’ own product portfolios is potentially hindering the success of co-marketing activities. The companies do not have a clear and up-to-date understanding of what the companies’ commercial product portfolios consist of and how they connect to their respective technical product portfolios.

The dissertation presents a model to productise different product types vertically by using a consistent product structure logic. The product structure needs to acknowledge both the commercial portfolio as well as the technical portfolio, and there should be a clear link between the two. Vertical productisation needs to be extended over the whole product lifecycle so that the products are described according to the same product structure logic in product development, active sales and delivery, warranty and after sales, and product data archive phases.

The same productisation model is used also by creating the foundations for product portfolio management target-setting to manage the size and renewal of the product portfolio. In addition, the dissertation introduces steps to construct a joint commercial product portfolio by using the common vertical product structure logic.
Last updated: 1.3.2023