Research Center for Psychology

The research center for psychology produces knowledge on
humans in a changing world. Our key areas of focus include
well-being, personality and development across the life-course.

Research center description

The research center for psychology consists of collaborating multidisciplinary groups. Our key research themes include well-being in occupational settings and beyond; personality in health and well-being; early-life risk and long-term resilience; and language comprehension. You can find out more about the center's activities from the research groups' pages below.

Psychology staff

Contact at firstname.lastname[at]

Research groups

Well-being and personality research group focuses on examining personality, health and well-being in large epidemiological datasets.

Early life risk and long-term resilience research group studies the interplay of biological and sociocultural early life risks in the development of resilience across the life course.

Multilingualism and migration research group studies the processes related to linguistic and cultural diversity from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Perception, Cognition and Language (PerCoLa) research group focuses on human perception, cognition and language related research, utilizing mainly eye-tracking methodology.

Oulu Neurodiversity Research Group promotes acceptance of neurodiversity in the society by advancing the general understanding of neurodiversity.

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Upcoming events

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