Well-being and Personality

Well-being and personality research group focuses on examining personality, health and well-being using large epidemiological datasets.

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Well-being and personality research group is led by Professor of psychology, Mirka Hintsanen. The group examines personality, health, and well-being in large epidemiological data sets. The group conducts interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers from several fields of study, such as psychology, psychiatry, medicine and genetics. Currently the groups' interests lie especially in compassion, including self-compassion (early factors predicting adulthood compassion, determinants of compassion in adulthood, health and well-being -related outcomes of compassion). The subject areas of interest also include, for instance, the following:

  • Personality traits as predictors of health and well-being
  • Role of childhood factors for the development of personality and well-being
  • Stress
  • Role of personality in stress and well-being at work
  • Behavioral genetics.