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The Faculty of Medicine announces that, in pursuit of a more focused research and education strategy, the Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) will cease its operations as an organizational entity in January 2024. CHT key activities, responsibilities, and resources will be taken up by the Health Sciences and Technology Research Unit (HST).

The strategic decision aligns with the University's commitment to optimize research and development in health sciences and technology. HST's multidisciplinary approach and cutting-edge expertise in biomedical engineering, digital health care, and medical technology will provide a seamless transition for ongoing projects, partnerships, and networks.

The University of Oulu is dedicated to a smooth transition and will provide support throughout this process. For more information, please reach out to: cht@oulu.fi

What we do

Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) supports research and innovation to solve challenges in data-driven health and wellbeing. Our goal is to

  • Increase knowledge by sharing best practices and expertise
  • Boost innovation by creating and providing new tools, methods, and guidance
  • Open collaboration opportunities by building and coordinating new research and innovation partnerships

We have over 10 years of experience in the field of health and wellbeing. As part of the OuluHealth ecosystem, we facilitate collaboration between research, companies, and health service providers. We are part of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu.

OuluHealth Ecosystem Collaboration

Centre for Health and Technology coordinates research, development, and innovation (RDI) activities in the multi-stakeholder OuluHealth ecosystem. CHT is also leading the OuluHealth ecosystem’s spearhead program "Data enabled solutions in preventive and supportive healthcare” and its cooperation (2021-2027) within Oulu Innovation Alliance operations. CHT facilitates OuluHealth RDI collaboration by building a bridge between researchers, companies, and healthcare professionals, and by identifying research and business challenges relevant to the healthcare sector.

More information about OuluHealth operations and RDI projects:

Innovation Networks

CHT develops RDI cooperation between regional, national, and international knowledge partnerships and digital innovation hubs. The aim of the network collaboration and outreaching activities is to enable joint activities and peer learning in data-intensive RDI. These partnerships and networks are there to support this goal, and CHT team can help also you in finding the right partners for your RDI project.

CHT is leading the National Data Innovation Ecosystem Collaboration Network (HYTKI) and creating synergies with European innovation partnerships and activities related to health data and human-centered data management (MyData).

More information about the networks and partnerships below:

Research Collaboration

CHT works in close collaboration with the University of Oulu’s multidisciplinary profiling research programs and researchers in Digital Health and 6G-Enabled Sustainable Society (6GESS). The themes of collaboration focus on impact and business solutions of digital health, next-generation data, and citizen-centered data-driven preventive solutions.

Services for Digital Health and Data Skills

We are developing opportunities to increase health data management skills and capabilities for secondary use of data, thus enabling data-driven innovation.

We contribute actively to building competencies to fully exploit health and wellbeing data, to be used also in predictive healthcare services in the future. We promote know-how in the data exploiting and enabling technologies like AI, data analytics, and machine learning while creating new data-led service solutions. The aim is to promote the potential of health data exploitation as part of preventive and personalized health care.

With the tools provided below, you can review the environment for health-data-based RDI, create a plan for your own RDI-projects, and also check the requirements of Digi-HTA, which can be used as guidance in your development project. The tools were developed in DigiHealth Hub project.

Contact us

You can contact us by email (frontname.lastname@oulu.fi) or phone, or visit our offices at the Faculty of Medicine main building (Aapistie 5A, 1st floor)

Street address: Aapistie 5A, 90220 Oulu
Postal Address: University of Oulu, Centre for Health and Technology, PL 5000, 90014 Oulun yliopisto, FINLAND

Guido Giunti, Director
Jarmo Pääkkönen, Project Coordinator, Health Data Management Solutions
Elina Salla, Project Coordinator
Veera Virta, Project Coordination and Communication


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