Miia Jansson

Adjunct professor (PhD)
Senior Researcher
Health sciences

Research Unit of Health Sciences and Technology
Faculty of Medicine

Adjunct professor Miia Jansson received her doctoral degree from the University of Oulu, Finland, in 2014. Currently she works as a Senior Researcher in the University of Oulu and an Adjunct Associate Professor of the RMIT university, Australia.

She has been fortunate to work in and learn from a variety of different organizations, such as large governmental research institutes, companies, hospitals, and academia.

Adjunct professor Jansson is a Vice-Head of Research Unit of the Health Sciences and Technology and leads the DigiImpact Research Group in the University of Oulu.

Her knowledge covers the fields of clinical research, -trials, and -epidemiology, data synthesis (systematic reviews and meta-analysis), predictive analytics, and content analysis.

Adjunct professor Jansson is involved in RDI-projects between ministries, research organizations, hospitals, and commercial companies.

Research interests

  • Impact of digital health
  • Value-Based Healthcare
  • Surgery, anesthesia, and intensive care
  • Artificial ventilation

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+358 (0) 50 470 12 62