Practical Tips and Lessons Learned

A collection of practical tips and lessons learned about conducting personal or health data-based research, development, and innovation projects

Practical tips and lessons learned

Data is the new oil, they say. This applies both for research and for business. However, using data as the oil requires some specific approaches in planning and executing your research, development and innovation projects and in disseminating its results. Especially so, if you are using personal or health data!

Here we have gathered some practical tips and lessons learned which our friends and we have learned along the way of conducting personal or health data-based research and development projects. The objective is to provide insights into matters that must be noted, useful links to further information, and practical ‘how-to’ solutions for solving challenges.

These tips are for informative purposes only. The contents should not be used for legal guidance or should not be considered as legal advice or as an interpretation of any existing legislation.