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The prospective data collected for Northern Finland Birth Cohorts offer an unparalleled opportunity to study multiple determinants of disorders, diseases and their intermediate stages.

Taking advantage of forthcoming and existing data collections and collaborations we will:

- Further uncover genetic, epigenetic and early predictors of the disease-related phenotypes of paramount importance for public health using genetic-multi-omics systems biology, bioinformatics and experimental research approaches to gain further insights into disease mechanisms and pathogenesis over the life-course.Investigate the interplay of environmental and genetic factors in the aetiology of disorders and their intermediate phenotypes in collaboration with other comparable studies.
- Provide an enhanced evidence for development of preventive strategies and involvement of potential commercial organisations to reduce the public health burden of diseases.

The data from the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts - Research program for health and well-being can be requested for research collaboration projects with University of Oulu.

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