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Led, by Professor, UArctic Research Chair, Jeffrey Welker, AEB focuses on 4 main themes of Scientific Discoveries and Research Adventures: 1. Arctic Carbon-water interactions: A program of research that uses isotope forensics of C (14C) and water (δ18O& δ2H) along with in-situ measurements of aquatic ecology, catchment hydrology and landscape ecology to delineate the spatial and temporal patterns of weather and climate effects on trace gas and land surface feedbacks. 2. Arctic Water Cycle Amplification (AWCA): This program seeks to quantify: Sea ice-ocean-atmosphere-landscape interactions by measuring and monitoring in-situ water vapor, precipitation, ocean, stream and lake water processes and isotopic (δ18O& δ2H) attributes. AWCA is using a network of land and icebreaker-based monitoring stations in Finland and across the Arctic. 3. Climate change effects on Arctic and Boreal ecosystem trace gas (CO2 & CH4) feedbacks: This program is documenting the magnitudes and patterns of thawing permafrost C emissions of ancient C, soil and plant water sources and altered community composition based on field studies in Finland, Greenland and Alaska. This work in Finland has the special program of delineating how reindeer grazing history may be regulating how pine forest understories in Finland respond to changes in winter conditions using field-based experiments at Oulanka and Kevo Field Stations. 4. Wildlife dietary and landscape use ecology focused on predatory-prey interactions in terrestrial and marine systems of the north using isotope forensics (δ13C, δ15N, δ34S, δ87Sr) and wildlife location data (GPS and accelerometer) collars and location data (“where do you go and what do you eat”) for wolverines and reindeer in Finland, polar bears in the Beaufort Sea of Alaska and in the Barents region of Svalbard; brown bears, wolves, caribou and moose in Alaska and reindeer on Svalbard.

Research Group Members

Professor: Jeffrey Welker

Postdoctoral Fellows: Dr. Kaisa-Riikka Mustonen, Dr. Danny Croghan, Dr. Inkeri Markkula

PhD students: Tamara Hiltunen, Noora Kantola, Clement Masse, Mirella Karppinen, Jonna Tauriainen