Reporting the infringements of legislation

If you notice breaches of EU or national regulations at the University of Oulu, for example in public procurement, personal data protection, animal health, information systems safety or environmental protection, please report it.


Persons working for the university, including employees of service providers contracted to the university, may submit a notification on Whistleblower channel. The law on reporting protection guarantees that you will not be subjected to countermeasures, for example because of a notification you made, e.g. a weakening of the terms of employment.

What kind of violations can be reported on Whistleblower channel?

Whistleblower is intended to report infringements of EU and national legislation. You can report detected violations or suspected violations in the following areas of the act on the protection of reporters:

  • Food, feed and animals
  • Financial services, products and markets
  • Public procurement excluding defence and security procurement
  • Public health
  • Consumer protection
  • Road safety
  • Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Radiation and nuclear safety
  • Product safety and compliance
  • Privacy and personal data, network and information systems
  • Environmental protection

If you notify Whistleblower of any other mishap you may find, we will try to advise you on the right channel to deal with your case.