Strategy of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

ICT-powered, human-centered

The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) advances science and technology to develop ICT-based solutions to build a better world. We are dedicated to training responsible leaders in technology and to the well-being of our faculty, staff, and students, ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment.

Strategic goals


ITEE is recognized for scientific and technological excellence in its fields of research. The talented faculty members exercising their freedom of research are our best assets. We sustain excellence by promoting collaborations, mentoring, and doctoral education. Our interdisciplinary research combines digital technologies with human aspects, focusing on sustainable innovations and meaningful societal contributions.


ITEE's education stays relevant to the advancements in the ICT field and the evolving needs of industry, academia, and society, providing our graduates with national and international career opportunities. We equip our graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to create innovative technologies that contribute to sustainable development and positively impact society. We continuously develop our education to support students' timely graduation. We ensure consistent quality across all offerings through accreditation. We support the pedagogical development of the teaching staff.

Societal interactions and impact

ITEE investigates the environmental, social, and economic impact of ICT to promote sustainable development. Equipped with this knowledge, our research and education are driven by societal needs, leading to real-world ICT-based solutions in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders and delivering concrete societal benefits.

Well-being of the community

ITEE prioritizes the well-being of the community – faculty, staff, and students – as people are at the core of our success. We strive for equality, transparency, mutual respect, diversity, and inclusivity among our community, with a dedication to these values at all career stages. We are committed to ensuring all members are valued and heard. We recognize the challenges of academic life and support our community's mental, emotional, and physical well-being.