Strategy of the Faculty of Medicine

Health and well-being

We promote the physical and mental well-being of individuals and the population through research and education. We deliver results for clinical practice and provide information to support societal decision-making. We respond to climate change, biodiversity loss, and other global challenges by studying their impact on health and well-being. We train the talent that will build the society and change the world.

Strategic goals


We conduct high-quality and impactful research on individuals and populations to

  • promote health, functioning and well-being
  • understand the fundamental causes of diseases and multimorbidity during the life-course
  • develop new diagnostic methods and treatments and increase their effectiveness
  • improve the quality of digital healthcare
  • promote cost-effective and high quality in the national social and health care system

We are deeply integrated into the global research community and our research is internationally excellent.


Our high-quality education produces top-level expertise and specialists to meet the needs of society. The education and training we provide is based on strong pedagogical skills and collaboration. We constantly update and improve our pedagogical skills.

We use modern teaching methods and technology. We continuously develop our teaching taking into account changes in society and global phenomena.

The content and execution of education are based on up-to-date research. New innovations will be researched and implemented based on scientific evidence.

Societal interaction and impact

We work in active collaboration with our stakeholders, businesses, and the Social and Health Care Cooperation Region of Northern Finland, to improve the health and well-being of the population. We support the role of Oulu University Hospital in medical education and research.

We use large datasets on population health, such as birth cohorts and biobanks, by utilizing Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence. We will continue to expand the datasets.

Our researchers and the experts we train actively produce data to support social decision-making at national and regional levels. We communicate research-based health information to citizens.

Well-being of the community

We are an inspiring and thriving community that attracts new students and staff alike.

We take care of our students and staff by means of good management and a people-centered approach.

Our core values are:

  • high sense of community
  • appreciation and sense of meaningfulness
  • positive communication
  • support individual career planning

We provide an operationally, financially, and organizationally stable environment to enable the well-being of the individuals and community.