Strategy of the Faculty of Technology

Naturally technological, uniquely creative!

Our Faculty creates sustainable solutions for the benefit of people and the environment. Our key research themes include responsible use of natural resources, sustainable production processes and materials, environmental perspectives to the utilisation of natural resources, sustainable change in the built environment, and extensive utilisation of digitalisation. The unique characteristics of the North are our special area of expertise. We train change-makers for the different tasks in society in the fields of technology, natural sciences, and architecture.

Strategic goals

We conduct top research and support emerging research fields

We are a global pioneer in research in e.g. fossil-free steel production, sustainable mineral economy, and water and environmental engineering. We support emerging research fields, and our research reinvents itself in a researcher-oriented manner.

Our research is characterized by strong methodological competence, scientific courage, and impact. We solve challenges in international interdisciplinary cooperation. We utilize national and international research infrastructures and strive for high scientific quality and openness in all our research.

We provide education that is based on high-quality research

The high-quality education provided by our faculty changes the world through training new experts. Our graduates will have extensive basic knowledge and a strong ability to respond to real-world challenges and act in changing international operating environments.

Our education is attractive, and we are a pioneer in the development of education. Our teachers are pedagogically competent, and our education and its management are effective and high-level. We actively participate in national and international educational cooperation and respond to the needs of continuous learning through providing diverse education.

We have a diverse impact

The impact we have is channelled through our experts, cooperation, and interaction. The results of our work are reflected in the success stories of businesses, the economic vitality of cities and municipalities, and political decision-making. We are a nationally and internationally attractive partner. The commercial utilisation of research takes place through research cooperation, technology transfers, and new research-oriented businesses.

We share the results of our research by means of open science and share them with the general public as well. We are actively involved in social dialogue.

We work together

We have a warm, open, inclusive, and broad-minded scientific community. Our community culture extends to the entire university. We build trust, learn from one another, and believe in the power of co-operation.

Every single member of our community will have the opportunity to follow their professional passion and advance to more demanding and versatile positions. Our shared competence is utilized to its full extent and everyone's contribution is appreciated.