Strategy of the Kerttu Saalasti Institute

Research, knowledge, and solutions with societal impact

The purpose of the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute is to strengthen a sustainably developing society. Our research has three focus areas: micro-entrepreneurship, future manufacturing technologies, and regional excellence. We are responsible for the national task of research and education in micro-entrepreneurship appointed for the University of Oulu by The Ministry of Education and Culture. The impact of our operations is based on multidisciplinary international research, the promotion of expertise, and the development of responsible solutions in collaboration with partners.

Strategic goals


Micro-entrepreneurship (MicroENTRE) research promotes entrepreneurship skills and culture, increases understanding of the prerequisites for business management, growth, and internationalization, and recognizes the importance of changing operating environments and networks. The aim of future manufacturing technologies (FMT) research is to take the good properties of metallic materials, particularly steels, as superiority factors of the end product by utilizing competitive, sustainable technologies. Regional excellence (REx) research studies regional phenomena, processes, and structures with the aim of developing the growth, economic vitality, and sustainability of regions and businesses.


We produce research-based education and training with which we reinvent and strengthen the sustainability and economic vitality of society. In our fields of expertise, we meet the needs of continuous learning with a learner-centered approach in Finland and internationally. Our online learning methods are up to date, respond to the needs of diverse learners, and remove obstacles from the path of learning. Our education is developed in agile co-operation with universities, entrepreneurs, and experts.

Societal interaction and impact

We are a pioneer in the development and implementation of new ways of working and solutions and in building an entrepreneurial society. Interactive partnership is our strength in building a sustainable future that promotes well-being. Our research results are used to strengthen business operations. The members of our workplace community are actively involved in key regional, national, and international networks.

Well-being of the community

Our success is based on competent, insightful, and motivated personnel:

  • Our workplace community is diverse, equal, and inclusive.
  • Our ways of working encourage creativity, the development of personal expertise, bold experiments, taking responsibility, and working together through continuous improvement.
  • The community supports the development of an individual career path as a researcher, teacher, expert, or leader of an expert community.