Computational methods


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to determine the behaviour of heat and fluids in certain geometry. The calculations are utilised in several studies as a supporting tool. Main softwares in use are Ansys Fluent® and OpenFOAM®.



Discrete Element Method (DEM) is used to determine the behaviour of the particles in a process geometry. Main software in use is LIGGGHTS.



HSC Chemistry® 6.0 is designed for chemical reactions and equilibrium calculations. Thermochemical calculations are useful for example in developing new chemical processes and improving the existing ones.

The program is utilised e.g. in the estimation of the influence of several variables on the chemical system equilibrium in the case of reforming the metallurgical industry process gases.



AspenPlus® is used in evaluation of the technical, economical and enviromental impacts of e.g. different hydrogen production processes.


Computing cluster

Laboratory have built an own computing cluster for demanding parallel simulations. It is Linux operated Beowulf cluster holding all together 54 computing nodes.

The cluster is mainly used for CFD and DEM simulations.

Last updated: 8.9.2015