Facilities for heat transfer studies

Fouling test apparatus

Test rig is build for the studies of fouling in heat exchanger. In test system can be used mildly aggressive process fluids between pH 4 and 11, and which will have tendency to foul surfaces.

Test fluid can contain particles 1–50 wt-% size of 0.2–2 micron and/or crystallizing salts. Test surface can be heated up to 130°C. In the test section a test piece (200 mm x 100 mm) can be changed and that enables to study different surface materials. Test area is rectangle flow channel and heated surfaces are parallel which enables to test two samples at the same fouling cycle. One test run takes 1-4 days and the appratus control is automatised. As a measure of fouling Rf, which is thermal resistance caused by deposited layer (fouling) will be monitored.

Last updated: 2.1.2013