Doctoral Program

Human Sciences Doctoral Program (HS-DP) main task is to correspond to the demand of high quality doctoral training in the field of human sciences in Oulu and Finland. HS-DP did start its action on the 1st January 2017, and it  operate as one of the four doctoral programs of the University of Oulu Graduate School, UniOGS.

The purpose of the Human Sciences Doctoral Program is three-fold. Firstly, HS-DP produces scholarly research and top-level skilled research professionals with a multidisciplinary orientation. Secondly, it contributes to a high level of achievement in human sciences at the University of Oulu. Thirdly, in the long term, HS-DP improves the wellbeing of society.

HS-DP provides postgraduate education in different areas of the humanities, human geography, business, and education. In addition, to achieve high-quality research results, HS-DP attends to ethical issues involved in the human sciences. In this multidisciplinary environment, doctoral students are exposed to and collaborate with scholars in different fields of research, in order to jointly enrich the learning processes of the students.

In this multidisciplinary environment doctoral students may collaborate with scholars in different areas of humanities in pursuing their doctoral dissertations and they are able to enrich the learning process for one another. HS-DP organises doctoral education, in Finnish and in English and events are open for all the doctoral students at the University of Oulu. More information on the courses from UniOGS HS-DP calendar of events.


Last updated: 16.3.2018