Obtaining a statement

The ethical principles are especially related to the subjects' autonomy and securing it, avoiding injuries, and to privacy and data security. This applies to all fields of science and is primarily related to the research object and the methods applied.

When is a statement obtained on a study related to human sciences?

The principles include six cases where a statement is always mandatory before the study is launched. This action shall always be taken, with no exceptions whatsoever.

1. The study addresses the physical integrity of the subjects.

2. The study does not abide by the principle of information-based consent (however, an evaluation is not required for the research of public and published information, register and document material and archive material).

3. The study is not part of the usual operations of an early education operating unit or school and addresses those under 15 without their guardian's express consent or without the guardian being informed; on which basis, the guardian can tell the child to refuse the study.

4. Studies where the subjects are subjected to exceptionally powerful impulses where the evaluation of possible harms requires special competence (e.g. studies involving violence or pornography).

5. Studies which involve the risk of causing long-term mental harms (trauma, depression, sleeplessness) to the subjects and the harms exceed the limits of usual daily life.

6. Studies which may involve a security threat to the subjects (e.g. studies related to domestic violence).

If a thesis included in a basic degree is going to be implemented in such as way that it includes one of the aforementioned things, the student shall obtain a statement with his or her main instructor unless the research project has already been given the green light. When the party granting the research permit, the party publishing the research, or the party funding it requires an ethical advance evaluation, the statement is obtained from the ethical committee of human sciences.

The applications are submitted to the Ethics Committee of Human Sciences of University of Oulu and delivered to the secretary of the committee Janne Kurtakko by e-mail firstname.lastname@oulu.fi.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Chair of the committee, Professor Tiina Keisanen, tel. 0294 483407

Secretary of the committee, Janne Kurtakko, tel. 0294 48 7001

Last updated: 10.9.2019