Complexity of (inter)action multimodal participation (COACT)

Multimodality is inherent in everyday and institutional life; spoken and written language, gestures and the body, objects, technologies and mobility all contribute to the design and meaning of social action and interaction. We focus on how language and (other) multimodal resources feature in the complexity of social action and interaction, and how social participants skilfully manage and organize their conduct at complex sites of learning, work and everyday life. The data represents a wide range of audio, video and ethnographic materials. Our main methodological frameworks are conversation analysis and nexus analysis, which are employed in the study of diverse communities, such as language learners and members of professional communities.

Principal investigators:

Pentti Haddington , Tiina Keisanen , Leena Kuurre


Contact person: Tiina Keisanen (head of COACT),


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Last updated: 4.10.2017