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9.4.2020 News

Coronavirus task force created at Fab Lab Oulu

In the context of the current Coronavirus crisis, many Fab Labs all around the world and other makerspaces are joining forces to support healthcare proffessionals providing solutions for some of th

31.3.2020 News

Fab Lab Virtual tutoring hour

We will have a virtual shift everyday in Zoom, where you can discuss Fab Lab related themes. One member of Fab Lab staff will be available every working day from 10 till 11 am. The Zoom link for the meeting is

24.2.2020 News

First ever 5G Candy Maze

The first 5G remote controlled Candy Maze in the world was built during the third edition of the Science Hack Days at Fab Lab Oulu!!!

5.12.2019 News

City of Oulu acknowledges the contribution of Fab Lab Oulu in education

City of Oulu has acknowledged the efforts made by 

30.10.2019 News

Fab Academy 2020. Applications are now open!!

Do you want to learn "How to Make Almost Anything"? Do you want to master Fab Lab tools and processes? Do you want to get 25 ECTS? Then, you should take next Fabacademy course at Fab Lab Oulu.

22.8.2019 News

Our 10 students graduated in Fab Academy

For 4th year in a row, Fab Lab Oulu has been one of the 63 labs all around the world teaching Fab Academy course.

13.6.2019 News

Linda Liukas visited Fab Lab Oulu

Linda Liukas, Fab Learn Europe 2019 Keynote Speaker visited Fab Lab Oulu before her amazing keynote session at the conference

13.6.2019 News

We presented three papers in Fab Learn Europe conference

FabLearn Europe – an international conference on Creativity and Making in Education – brings together international researchers, educators, designers, and makers to discuss and explore digital fabr

13.6.2019 News

Fab Lab opened during whole summer

We will open during June, July, August with the following schedule: Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 16:00 Welcome to fabricate with artic attitude!!!

14.11.2018 News

Designing and Making own jewelries workshop!


More than 20 jewelry lovers participated in Jewelry Maker Workshop in Fab Lab Oulu in the evening on Thursday 8.11.2018. Fab Lab went full of people who were enthusiastic to design and make own jewelries. Most of the participants were beginners who did not have any prior experience in using digital tools for designing and making. Workshop was organzed by two Fabacademy graduated: Behnaz Norouzi and Megumi Iwata. Ari Vuokila, Kati Pitkänen and Jari Uusitalo (all of them Fabacademy graduated) collaborated assisting participants.

17.9.2018 News

Fab Academy 2019 >> Applications are now OPEN!

Applications for enrolling to Fab Academy 2019 in Fab Lab Oulu are now open!

17.8.2018 News

Fab Lab closed on 23.08.2018

Fab Lab Oulu is closed on 23rd August 2018. No machines can be booked for that date. 

27.6.2018 News

More than 200 high schools students participated in summer trainee

Fab Lab Oulu is busy this summer with more than 200 high scool students. Koodikärpät has organized a successful summer training for them.

13.6.2018 News

Fab Lab will not close during summer!!!

Fab Lab Oulu will be opened on July (Mon - Fr) from 9:00 till 15:00. Welcome to fabricate!!!

25.5.2018 News

Fab Lab closes 4 - 9 June

Fab Lab will be closed from 4th June till 9th June.

10.4.2018 News

Haku kesäsetelityöpaikkoihin tiistaina 10.4.

Oulun yliopiston Tieto- ja sähkötekniikan tiedekunta palkkaa 15-17-vuotiaita koululaisia kesätyösetelillä kahdeksi viikoksi kesätöihin 4.-15.6.2018.

15.2.2018 News

Digitaalisen Valmistuksen Perusteet. Kirjautuminen alkaa. Yliopiston opiskelijat ja lukiot.

Oulun yliopiston Tieto- ja sähkötekniikan tiedekunta kutsuu opiskelijoita ilmoittautumaan Digitaalisen valmistuksen perusteet -kurssille, joka järjestetään Oulun yliopiston Linnanmaan kampuksella

15.2.2018 News

Principles of Digital Fabrication. Registration opens for all university students and high schools.

University of Oulu, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering invites students to register for the course “Principles of Digital Fabrication” to be held at FabLab Oulu

15.12.2017 News

Christmas workshop in Kaleva

Our Christmas workshop is in Kaleva (our local newspaper) today. 

2.11.2017 News

Fab Academy 2018 >> Applications are now OPEN!

Applications for enrolling to Fab Academy 2018 in Fab Lab Oulu are now open!

21.9.2017 News

Tuohitöitä laserilla

Fab Lab Oulussa pidetään workshop tuohitöiden tekemisestä laseravusteisesti 16. ja 17. lokakuuta. Tuohi soveltuu materiaalina mainiosti laserkaiverrettavaksi ja -leikattavaksi. Tuohitöitä opastaa Tatjana Luukkonen ja laserin käyttöä fablabin henkilökunta. Ei vaadi pohjatietoja. Pilotti on ilmainen. Ilmoittautumiset suoraan sähköpostilla: jani.ylioja(at) Viidelle ensimmäselle vastataan sähköpostiin.

22.6.2017 News

Fab Lab Oulu is closed in July

Summer schedule:   On Midsumer's eve, Friday 23.6, Fab Lab Oulu is closed. In July, Fab Lab Oulu is closed. We are open 1.8.-4.8 between 12.30-16.00.

12.6.2017 News

During 13.-16.6 Fab Lab Oulu is reserved to summer trainees and UBISS summer school

Fab Lab is reserved for Kesätyöseteliproject and UBISS 2017 Summer school from Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th!