First ever 5G Candy Maze

The first 5G remote controlled Candy Maze in the world was built during the third edition of the Science Hack Days at Fab Lab Oulu!!! For this project, the team formed by Mikko, Lukas, Belal and Kenichi Komatsu got the second prize in the Hackaton that we organized between 7 and 9 February 2020.

The maze inclination is controlled remotely by leaning a tablet. The maze replicate at any time the position of the tablet. Communication between tablet and the electronics inside the maze is done through University of Oulu 5G network, taking advantage of the low latency of 5G. This type of prototypes help to present the potential of 5G technology to the general public.

University of Oulu and partner companies are leading the research and development of 5G and 6G through the 6G Flagship project.

You can find more pictures of the event in our Facebook page


Last updated: 25.2.2020