Coronavirus Task Force

In the context of the current Coronavirus crisis, many Fab Labs all around the world and other makerspaces are joining forces to support healthcare proffessionals providing solutions for some of their most urgent needs. Masks, Anti-split shields, spare parts for healthcare equipment and even emergency ventilators are being built all around the world.

In Finland, Fab Lab Oulu is joining efforts with other Finnish Fab Labs and schools to create an emergency network  ready to design and fabricate equipment that health proffessionals need. Fab Labs count with many different digital fabrication machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines, vinyl cutters and other manufacturing equipment. 

At the end of the page you can find an short presentation with some of the components some Fab Labs have fabricated. A small summary in the following table: 

Anti Split Shields​​​​​​

CPAP adapters for masks

Ear protections for respirator

Intubation box

N95 Masks

Spare parts for devices


Emergency ventilators


Currently, Finnish network is formed by the following partners:

  • Fab Lab Oulu
  • Fab Lab Yli II
  • Aalto Fab Lab
  • Fab Lab Raseko
  • Aalto Design Factory
  • LUT J. Hyneman Center
  • Fab Lab Koklaamo Hintta
  • Busines Asema Fab Lab
  • Oulu alueen teknisen työn opettajat (Tao-Oulu)
  • Teknisted aineiden opettajat (Tao r.y.)
  • Fab Lab Vesala

We are currently collaborating with health care professionals assisting them in their needs

If you would like to get more information or you are a health professional with a specific need do not hesitate to contact us:



Last updated: 17.4.2020