Monday, July 27, 2020 to Friday, July 31, 2020

The FABXLive, this year's global Fab Lab Network conference, is an online, distributed, FREE conference that gives us an opportunity to stay connected, reflect and engage deeply around Fab Lab and other community responses to COVID-19, the current state of the world and our vision for the future. With more than 2000 Fab Labs in 126 countries worldwide, we will bring together members of the international Fab Lab Network, government representatives, the manufacturing industry, artists, teachers, academic researchers and experts in the field of digital fabrication, to present, envision, innovate, create community, disseminate best practices in digital fabrication and discuss solutions to our world's challenges during this unprecedented time in history.

July 27-July 30 we will host expert panels, keynote speakers and members of our network. On July 31, we will have a GLOBAL FAB DAY, a day dedicated to all of us inventing and imagining locally and together.

You can check the schedule: https://media2-production.mightynetworks.com/asset/12838906/ALL_SCHEDULE_FABXLIVE.pdf -> You can join any of these activities for free. 

More info: https://fabxlive.fabevent.org/

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Last updated: 28.7.2020